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"Like their clothes, our branding for Piper & Sons is characterized by a cool, contemporary style, high brand value, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Drawing inspiration from nature, fantasy, and the youthful innocence of children, our proposal consists of a mature logotype that communicates the brand’s premium value and a whimsical jumping fox reminiscent of typical children’s fairy tale characters.

The fox illustration was carefully crafted by hand, making sure its illustrative detail was fuzzy, friendly, cute and, at the same time, contemporary and young. The color palette features mint, a choice color that provides a cool, youthful and natural pop to each piece that is appealing to both girls and boys. The copper foil print finish over uncoated paper are thrown in to round up the brand’s whimsy and subtly elegant characteristics.”

Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education.

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Coffee & Kitchen | Moodley Brand Identity | The Dieline

Many people start their day with a hearty breakfast at Coffee & Kitchen, a little restaurant in Graz. It is a perfect place for business people who have their offices nearby. A good destination for before, during and after work.

You notice here that branding and architecture go hand in hand. Simple black and white coloring, combined with natural brown cardboard, matches ideally with the interior design. Apart from the kitemark-like stickers on mugs, bags and co., Coffee & Kitchen does without printed materials. Their hand-written lettering and friendly illustrations create a casual bar atmosphere. It is young, fresh and consistent, while simple and up-to-date – just the way Moodley Brand Identity wanted it feel.